Wealth Management Approach

Wealth Management ApproachWe believe that in the absence of wise counsel, people in general will often leave a solid foundation in order to pursue enticing or exotic strategies that often lead to adverse consequences.

Without a strong foundation, the house that is built upon it will ultimately collapse in due time.

Our core beliefs are:


  • Truth exists that no amount of scrutiny or time will affect.  As this relates to financial planning, some of the truths we hold tightly to are:
    • Everyone should establish an emergency savings fund.
    • The borrower is servant to the lender – debt should be entered into with extreme caution and care and avoided if reasonably possible.
    • A long term perspective is far superior to a short term perspective
    • Risk and return are related, however some risks do not carry a commensurate reward
    • It is better to give than to receive
  • Decisions and non-systematic risks can be controllable; systematic risks and therefore outcomes may be uncontrollable.
  • A prudent plan does not require the best or even average uncontrollable outcomes to occur in order to succeed, but takes into account the reality that often times we will experience undesirable, uncontrollable outcomes.
  • Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.
  • In order for a plan to succeed, it must be prudently developed, expertly executed, rigorously monitored, and consistently updated.

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