Investment Management

“My broker said he can beat the market by analyzing trends and picking winners, what can you do for me?”  This is a question (or some derivative thereof) we often hear and while it is well intentioned (who doesn’t want a high level of performance?), it is not the right question to be asking.  When did the “market” become the school dunce?  Or the sworn enemy of the investor?  Further, how successful do you think purveyors or consumers of this strategy tend to be?  A well known study prepared by Dalbar, Inc. in 2005 demonstrated that the average equity fund investor had an annualized return for the twenty-year period from 1985 to 2004 of 3.7 percent, when the S&P 500 returned 13.2 percent over the same timeframe!  Our investment strategies focus on capturing the returns available in the market while maintaining downside protection through a variety of tools.  “How can I invest in such a way that I will have a high degree of reliability in achieving my stated objectives while enjoying the peace that comes from a low-stress approach to investing?”  That is the right question to ask.  We can help you with the answer.

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